robot girls on computers and home made minecraft box

Summer Camp 2017
We are already planning for summer camp in 2017—making it bigger, better, and more fun.

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Our Mission

Zero Day Camp’s mission is to broaden the reach of computing education by offering classes for kids and professional development for educators; and by designing and disseminating software, tools, and curricula for computer science and robotics education. We believe that “CS4All” should be part of a critical media literacy where we not just learn the skills of computer programming, but use our understanding of computer science and digital systems to understand (and change) the world around us.

About the Facilitators

loreto-linkedLoreto Dumitrescu is an occupational therapist and tinkerer with a driven interest in unlocking the ways technology can help bring out the best in each student. She is a recent graduate from Adelphi University with a Masters in Educational Technology. Her OT practice focuses on assistive technology and Universal Design for Learning.

davidf-square-headDavid Frackman is a senior technologist, educator, entrepreneur and parent who attempts to frame and materialize the invisible and barely possible.

mxc-csed-sq Matt Curinga is Associate Professor and Director of the graduate program in Educational Technology at Adelphi University where he teaches courses in computer science, instructional design, and digital media studies. Among other projects, he studies how to teach computer programming and is the developer of PyTutor, an interactive platform where beginners can study computer science together online.

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