Fall 2016: Sessions 3 & 4

lamb drawingSession 3

This week, coders worked on creating music using Scratch beats and instruments. Three tasks were introduced and rotated:

  1. Recording sound and using pre-existing sounds
  2. Rhythm & beats
  3. Creating a song (Mary had a Little Lamb) with notes and using custom blocks for each measure. You can find a piano note/ number template at this link and the musical notes at this link.

Session 4

In week 4 we started working on new animations incorporating sound, movement, and costume changes. Story elements were discussed such as setting, characters, and story arc. Check out some of the shared projects at the Fall 2016 Studio.

Fall 2016: Session 1

cartesian plane chartWelcome back returning coders and greetings to our newest members! This week we set out to get to know each other and set some large goals for the fall session. We hope to dive deeper and build more complex programs while learning and applying the fundamentals of computer science. Whole class instruction focused on basic sprite navigation using the cartesian plane and rotation angles as they apply to the sprites in their programs. We also looked more closely at creating custom blocks (functions) to generate more elegant code while drawing using the pen tool in Scratch (a nod to Seymour Papert and Logo the Turtle).  You can find the instructions we worked off of today by following this link and the Scratch starter project here.

Spring 2016: Session 2

nano smiling

This week we continued working on our platformer and maze games adding a new level and introducing additional elements to the game. The process of joining studios and sharing work was reviewed. We also discussed the Scratcher community and digital citizenship. Coders were encouraged to support fellow coders by providing positive and constructive feedback as well as reporting any instances of improper communications in the Scratch community. Here is a helpful infograph illustrating the basic tenets of digital literacy.


Welcome to the Spring 2016 Session: Week 1

code club 9 scratch studio

giga iconWelcome to the start of the Spring 2016 session. This 6 week session we will be building a game using the Scratch programming language. Each week we will be adding a new level and learning coding concepts such collisions, cloning, using a timer, and jumping (and simple gravity). This first week we got started with general orientation and setting up the game. Next week, we will be working on creating the next level and adding additional functionalities.

Here are some helpful resources for tinkering at home:

Scratch uses studios for coders to share their work. We currently have a Random Projects studio where coders can share project they are working on outside of Code Club and the Spring 2016 studio where coders can share what they are doing so far. Comments and support for fellow coders are highly encouraged. Remember to keep it friendly and provide helpful feedback.

Also, be sure to join our Slack network for messaging communication and troubleshooting support.

Happy Coding!