The Microbits Come to PS 93

a microbitZero Day Camp is happy to collaborate with PS 93 in Bed-Sty Brooklyn to present a 5 week after school CS introduction program using the Microbit. Physical computing is a great way to engage young learners and being to understand how computers and code can affect the world around them. The Microbit is a small computer which supports input connections using alligator clips and comes packed with multiple sensors. To learn more visit:

This session involves 2nd and 3rd-grade students and starts with simple circuit building to more complex projects. For each session, students learn a fundamental computer science principle such as loops, conditionals, and variables. See the following breakdown of the sessions and available teaching resources:

Week 1: LED Circuits

Campers learn about the flow of electricity by turning a LED on/off. Coding principles such as loops are introduced to light the LED in sequence and with timing.


Week 2: Playdoh Basketball

Campers create a basketball court and ball and learn about variables to keep score and increment.

Playdoh Basketball

Week 3: Making a Compass

Campers learn about conditional statements and use their Microbits to create a compass.

Microbit Compass

Week 4: Making a Morse Code Phone

Campers will create Morse code “cell phones” and create code which will allow two Microbits to send and receive messages using the radio functionality.

Microbit Morse Code

Week 5: Rock- Paper- Scissors

This week campers will be encouraged to connect the prior lessons and create a rock- paper- scissor game independently.

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