Camper Interactive Fiction Stories

The Zero Day Campers were hard at work this week writing their own interactive stories mostly in Twine, and some others testing out the Scratch 3 Beta.

We have some finished stories and some works in progress, but all of them show the campers’ ingenuity and hard work.


By Adrien
You can’t wait to go to space. You see planet earth getting smaller and smaller. You can’t wait to get to space. Little do you know the danger ahead of you
Play Space!


 ____   __   __       __   _   __      __  ____     __ 
 |  __ |__| |__| |\ | | \ |_| |__|    |__|  |      /__
 |___| | \  |  | | \| |_/ |   |  |    |  |  |      |__|

by Auguste

Want to have a good laugh and feel superior towards others!
Haha, well now you can without even moving an inch from you’re computer! And it’s
as easy as 1, 2 and not 3!

  1. laugh at the names in the game, for example “booty- buttcheek-poop-minecraft-simulator. Ha Ha, that sounds like like someone in kindergarten wrote it. (By the way they are my main source of inspiration!).
  2. feel superior to the kindergartener’s humor, HA HA, very funny and superior feelings flow through you’re veins!
  3. play the game

Play Grandpa at 6

The Egg

by Charlotte
A story about a cat who finds an egg. What will be in the egg?
Download the Scratch 3 code for The Egg

The Robot and the Donut

by Daniel, Eli, and Walter
The strange and riveting tale of a brave robot and an unusual donut.
Download the Scratch 3 code of for the Robot and the Donut

The Mooing Cow

by Derek
A story about a wandering cow, a dangerous clock, and a surprising kitten.
Play The Mooing Cow

The Espionage Kobold 1

by Diego
You are a professional espionage kobold. Can you steal the secret code?
Play Espionage Kobold

The Fortune Teller

by Eli
Tricky number guessing and a riddle can lead to your doom or salvation.
Play Fortune Teller

Kitty Jailbreak

by Fiona
Are you hungry? Are you cute and fluffy? Can you escape your kitty cage? Click to find out.
Play Kitty Jailbreak

Clue Simulator

by Kam
Colonel Mustard, in the Lounge, with the Knife? No, it’s always Mrs. Peacock…
Play the Clue Simulator

The Interrogator

by Henry
Welcome to the cutthroat world of…ketchup.
Play The Interrogator

World Tour

by Lili
Things get tricky for an alien just looking to explore the Earth.
Play World Tour

Decision Day

by Sophie
What do you do about the mysterious villain with “portal powers”? The decisions are yours to make…
Play Decision Day

The Tale of the Dark Sword

by Zam
You are a fearless adventure, but will you save the town or fall to the powerful boss monster?
Play The Tale of the Dark Sword

The Zombie Apocalypse

By Zev
The Zombie Apocalypse is an awesome game. Every single person that tested it loved it! DON’T LISTEN!!!! FAKE Reviews!!!! Heh heh, now ok back to the real reviews NOT. Zombie Apocalypse has life threatening choices. PLAY IT NOW!!!!
Play Zombie Apocalypse